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With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Norris Marshall is the clear choice for the SEMA Board of Directors

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Since I was young, car culture and automotives have been a central part of my life. Growing up, my father was the stereotypical 50’s hotrodder with the nostalgic flattop haircut and a 29’ Model A roadster that he built. Later, Dad would go on to drag race a front engine “slingshot” and eventually do some circle track racing.

However, as our family grew his racing career came to an end; except for the stories. I grew up hearing those stories and that was the spark that turned me into a car guy. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was bracket racing at multiple tracks in the Midwest, and later did some stock car racing.

I started my business in 1982 in a 4-car garage in a residential part of town. Back then I was doing machine shop work, boring blocks, valve jobs, etc… My customers were racers, street rodders, and shops. The business grew into us doing complete engines, and eventually it turned into a factory where we re-manufactured engines. That business eventually topped out at 100 engines a day. Over the next 25 years, we produced over 300,000 engines. We sold engines to retail stores like AutoZone and Napa.

BluePrint Engines

A Legacy in the making

As cars and engines became better and lasted longer, our industry began to change. Engines started lasting 200,000 miles instead of 75,000; the world didn’t need as many rebuilt engines. I watched a lot of friends in that industry go broke as volumes came crashing down. At that point, we modified our direction to performance crate engines and launched the BluePrint Engines brand.

When BluePrint Engines began, around 2005, the product was just a rebuilt engine with a hot cam and aluminum heads. Things have changed a lot since then. Today BluePrint is an OEM level manufacturer of all new crate engines. We design our own blocks, heads, cranks, rods, oil pans; really every part of the engine is our design. We source components globally, made to our design and specifications for tolerance, material, and heat treat. Many of our sources are Tier 1, OE suppliers. The engines are direct fit replacements for small and big block Chevy, small block Fords, and Chevy LS3s.

Once we had all the parts to make new engines, we saw a need in the industrial market and launched our industrial division knows as Origin Engines. These new engines are built for companies that manufacture items such as new gensets, forklifts, and woodchippers. These are companies with a global footprint and an OEM mentality. A majority of these engines are also EPA certified. We even have the test labs, cells, and equipment to perform the required emissions tests on-site at our facility. Altogether for both brands, we manufacture on average around 80 new engines per day.

My Focus

What I Will Fight For

Political Lobbying

Norris will use his years of expeience working with those on Capital Hill to push for benefits to our industry.

Empowering Individuals

Norris earned his CEO title by serving those around himself, keeping an open door policy.

Emissions Compliance

BluePrint Engines has been on the forefront of working with regulars to stay in compliance.

Working with OEMs

As an OEM level manufacturer, Norris understands the needs of other OEMs and will work to protect their interests.

Vehicle Tech

Instead of shying away from what's on the horizon, Norris looks to empowering the industry with the latest in new tech.​


As a "car guy," Norris loves to spread the good word of the industry and is heavily invovled in spreading education for the next generation of car lovers.

A History of Success

Experienced, Honest & Successful

It’s clear that I have a love for cars and engines; I in fact built my first engine at 15 by following a Hot Rod article from Jack Roush. I’ve been a drag racer, dirt oval racer, a machinist, engine builder, a salesman, but I’ve also lobbied in D.C. and worked with multiple federal and state agencies. Emission regulations and the associated challenges is something BluePrint Engines is good at and deals with daily. Whether it’s a muscle car or an industrial engine, we know how to navigate through the regulations. We currently have 28 engines certified with the EPA.

Recently, I’ve been working with the SEMA Garage on CARB EOs. SEMA has a program to certify engines that are deemed legal everywhere, but California and we hold the first certificate issued for this program.

I’ve been appointed by two different Governors to multiple state boards and commissions. In one of those roles, I lead a program to create a lobbying effort that raised 35 million dollars for our state legislature the first year. Working in those agencies I’ve learned a lot about how state and federal agencies interact. I’m still actively working with the EPA, Department of Interior, and I currently serve on the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (Nebraska EPA).

Over 40 years I’ve learned how to change direction when needed. There have been many up and downs, but you always learn something from the downs. Overall, there has been a lot of success. Now I want to pay that back. 
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Jack Roush

I was reminded the other day of a phone call I received over 40 years ago. There was this 15- year-old kid from central Nebraska that had read an article in the April 1977 issue of Hot Rod Magazine about a 302 Boss engine that I had built using a regular 302 Ford block and 351 Cleveland heads and decided he wanted to build one himself.

This industrious young man found the block and heads in a Nebraska salvage yard and hired a machine shop in his hometown to do the machine work. But he was stimmed in his engine build when he couldn't find a Boss 302 intake manifold at any salvage yard anywhere in Nebraska. Well, that kid cold-called me at my shop and shared his story, and asked if I knew where he could get a used boss 302 intake manifold. I remember chuckling to myself, but at the same time, I was impressed with this young man with enough gumption to call me. So, I told him I would sell him one and shipped it off COD.

Fast forward 40 years and a friend called me and asked me if I remembered that story. I told him I did, and I wondered why he was asking. He told me that that kid grew up to start a business that had grown into one of the largest manufacturers of crate engines in the country, Blueprint Engines. I was aware of Blueprint Engines and knew them to be a quality crate engine, but I had no idea that the kid I helped all those years ago founded and operates that company. My friend went on to tell me that that kid, whose name was Norris Marshall was now running for the Board of Directors of SEMA. My immediate thought was, how wonderful, is there any way I can help? My friend suggested that I might consider endorsing Norris, which it is now my privilege to do.

Today, Norris employs over 300 people and builds over 55 engines a day. More impressively, he operates over 10 dynos and three emission cells, and he is committed to working to address issues related to the Clean Air Act, EPA, and CARB which are essential to the future of the performance market.

Dave Kindig

Kindig-it Design, President/Owner

I feel Mr. Marshall's experience and the person that he is would be a great benefit for the office of the SEMA organization as a board member. I believe his vast experience dealing with the government and his understanding of our industry would be a great advantage for all of us involved in the aftermarket industry.

deb fischer

Deb Fischer

United States Senator

I have known Mr. Marshall since 2009 and it has been a pleasure to work with him during my time in the Nebraska Legislature and as a United States Senator. Mr. Marshall is an experienced and fully dedicated professional who will be a valuable asset to SEMA. He has years of experience working and building relationships with a variety of stakeholders. He has demonstrated a commitment to the industry and exemplifies a passion for SEMA’s work.

Timothy C. McCarthy

Founder/CEO - HushMat & ZyCoat

I have had the pleasure of visiting Norris at his facility in Nebraska and my experience was nothing short of fantastic. The Blueprint Engines' environmental test capabilities exceeded some of the most capable OEM facilities I have visited. The Emissions test cells were three deep – not one. Few facilities in the United States match the capabilities of Blueprint Engines. BluePrint takes it one step further with the ability to test multiple fuel systems. This investment, capability, and practices speak volumes about Norris’ commitment to address EPA concerns about the Performance Aftermarket.

Norris Marshall is a remarkable businessman and compassionate person. His insight and business acumen will make him a stabilizing influence as a member of the SEMA Board of Directors.

Doug Evans

Norris Marshall is the essence of what our industry is all about. He turned his childhood passion for building engines for hot rods and race cars into a serious career that has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to share his passion. He is an adaptive visionary. Norris simply asked, “what more can we do with the capabilities we possess to adapt and grow.” That approach took him, over a period of 40 years, from an individual builder of race engines, to a machine shop, to a production engine rebuilder, to a builder of crate performance engines, to the country’s largest builder of new engines by a company that is not also a vehicle manufacturer.

His remarkable ability to analyze market conditions and successfully predict the direction the market is headed combined with his 40 years as a successful entrepreneur qualify him to be an outstanding director. I can say with great confidence that Norris Marshall is the type of person that I would want to serve with me. Please support his candidacy.

Wade Kawasaki

Partner, Legendary Companies

Norris Marshall is a great candidate for SEMA Board of Directors. His history of growing his company from a one-man startup to a world-class manufacturer of engines is a testament to his skill and dedication. Norris’ service and chairmanships on multiple boards, both private and in the political arena give him the knowledge to help solve some of SEMAs most pressing issues. Norris’ prior work and involvement with regulatory agencies like the EPA, Dept of Interior and Corp of Engineers provides experience that SEMA can leverage for the desired results to move our industry into the future.

In my opinion, he is the right candidate for a seat on the Board. Please join me in voting for Norris Marshall for SEMA Board of Directors."

Joel Ayres

Executive Director Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation

I am happy to endorse Norris Marshall for SEMA Board of Directors. There are several great candidates for the board this year. Norris is a success story in our industry and while he may not be well known I feel he would bring a fresh new perspective to the board. He is a self-made entrepreneur and success story in the automotive aftermarket. Norris has a big heart, great business savvy, and a real understanding of what is needed in our industry. I personally feel Norris would represent all sections of our industry and be a huge benefit to SEMA members.

Russ Deane

I have long been a proponent of Blueprint Engines and its CEO Norris Marshall. I consider Blueprint Engines to be the gold standard of performance crate engines, having installed one in a hot rod I am currently building with a friend. While most people in the aftermarket know of Blueprint’s quality and performance, most are not aware of the important work Norris does on behalf of the industry.

I have worked with Norris personally on behalf of dealing with both CARB and EPA regulations. His personal commitment includes investment in operating three EPA-compliant emission testing cells, something few if any aftermarket companies can claim. Likewise, Norris’ support of the SEMA PAC and his involvement in actively supporting and lobbying for industry initiatives in Washington DC, speaks volumes about his commitment to our industry.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse Norris Marshall in his quest to join the SEMA Board of Directors and urge you to do the same.

Bob Moore

Managing Partner, Bob Moore & Partners

I have known Norris for over twenty-five years. I have come to understand a man who is natural leader, a serious strategic businessman, a compassionate philanthropist, a motivated political activist and a serious motorhead.... The perspective and maturity that his life and business experience provides him, will make him an invaluable member of the SEMA Board of Directors. I urge you to cast your vote for him. I have worked with Norris personally on behalf of dealing with both CARB and EPA regulations. His personal commitment includes investment in operating three EPA-compliant emission testing cells, something few if any aftermarket companies can claim. Likewise, Norris’ support of the SEMA PAC and his involvement in actively supporting and lobbying for industry initiatives in Washington DC, speaks volumes about his commitment to our industry.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse Norris Marshall in his quest to join the SEMA Board of Directors and urge you to do the same."

Scooter Brothers

...There are very few individuals left in our industry that are not governed by the investment groups and their financial driven priorities. Norris is a guy that looks you in the eye and tells you how he thinks and what he feels. Then he puts 100% behind that and will do whatever he has to do to accomplish what he said he would do .... I whole heartedly endorse Norris Marshall for the SEMA Board of Directors and urge everyone to cast their vote for him.